CLE Strategic Solutions provides an array of services designed to meet personal and professional needs. We offer coaching, therapeutic interventions, and professional development training.


Corporate Professional Development Training

We provide training services to resolve Organizational Health challenges within the workplace. Our stellar series “You Bring Who You Are to the Job” creates a training design that is relevant to your workplace culture. We train in the following areas: Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and Motivational Change.

Our Lunch and Learn Courses include: 1) Managing the Workplace during the Pandemic, 2) Workplace Grief, 3) Managing Difficult People, 4) Mental Wellness in the Workplace and 5) Stress Management.

Authentic Life Coaching and Counseling Services

Mental Health Counseling - We provide therapeutic interventions to help you overcome unmanageable feelings related to divorce, anxiety, grief, depression, loneliness, sadness, rejection, marital conflict, and or trauma. Our team will create a unique plan to resolve inner conflict, restore focus, positive thinking, and motivation and empower you to become your best self.


Her Authentic Soul

Is a 6-week Emotional Wellness Coaching Course. This course is designed to help you release fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and embrace self-acceptance and self-efficacy to activate your passion and authentic purpose. We will create a soulful pathway to restructure thinking, release painful emotions, and create her love story. Her Authentic Soul provides a 7 Step plan to launch you into your next level of authentic purpose.

Operation, I Choose Me

Offers one-on-one Purpose Coaching for the professional woman who suffer in silence. She is tired of the pressure of being the “Anchor” for everyone, but herself. She is overwhelmed and unsettled in her Soul. She must make a choice. She is fueled with frustration. Deep in her soul, she knows that there is more, but she does not know how to start. It is time for her to make a concrete change in her mind, soul, and spirit. She needs to effectively communicate with herself and take the action steps to transition into personal freedom. Are you walking in your authentic purpose?